World class cruise ship destination is building sustainable and cultural value for its shareholders

Icy Strait Point (ISP), owned by Huna Totem Corporation and its 1,500+ Alaska native shareholders, is a world class cruise ship destination, located in the Tlingit village of Hoonah, Alaska, and building sustainable and cultural value for its shareholders, community, and guests. An example is its award-winning retail program, with all gift shops locally owned and operated, including the Hoonah City School’s Bookstore. ISP works with the local high school, hiring students who get real life on-the-job experience, and teaching them elements of running a business: customer service, ordering, merchandising, sales techniques, and cash handling. The bookstore is staffed by these students through space donated by ISP and sells books and gifts that interpret the Alaska Experience and Native Culture, with all net proceeds going directly to the school to support student extracurricular activities and programs. Recently, this funding purchased a van to transport school teams to out-of-town events.

“Working at ISP is really good for students because you get to try different things, other than what you would get in a class at school. And I liked meeting people from all over the world. One time a guest from Australia gave me a little koala pin!”
Sierra McClemment

Pictured in the photo are:
Sierra McClemment, 5th season at ISP, started as a sophomore – Hoonah High School graduate, and now a 2nd year University of Alaska college student (and is now a lead at ISP)
Eddie Austin, 2nd season, Hoonah High School Senior.