Local recycling success through collaboration

Bringing a local recycling program to the residents and businesses in the Denali Borough region is now a reality thanks to the collaboration efforts of a team from various local companies, non-profits and government – Denali Borough, Carlile Transportation, Valley Community for Recycling Solutions, Denali Education Center, Subaru, Denali Zero Landfill Initiative and Holland America/Princess Alaska-Yukon.

Up until recently, recycling wasn’t offered near Healy, the largest town in Denali Borough. Now, this group of problem solvers has teamed up to bring cardboard, aluminum, and plastic #1 bottles for recycling to the Healy area.

“Our community has wanted a recycling program for some time now and we’re thrilled that we could join forces with our locally based companies and organizations to finally make this a reality,” said Denali Borough Mayor Clay Walker. “It’s gratifying to see that when we join forces, we can create beneficial solutions the entire Borough can benefit from and we can all reduce feeding the landfills.”