Cruise Sector Connects Consumers with Wild, Sustainable Seafood

Alaska’s cruise industry provides an excellent opportunity to introduce wild Alaska seafood to visitors, while going beyond the plate to tell the story of our state’s world-class sustainable fisheries and hardworking Alaska fishermen. Alaska cruise lines go to great lengths to source, serve and provide education about responsibly harvested Alaska seafood, from sharing inspiring and informative videos and messaging throughout the ships to expanding their menu offerings to highlight diverse seafood species, and even receiving certification as suppliers of sustainable Alaska seafood.

Consumers across the world want to know more about the origins of their food. They are looking for sustainable products that are high quality, good for their health and good for local communities. This includes visitors to Alaska. Creating connections between the fishermen, the region, the product and the incredible Alaska cruise experience translates to lifelong consumers of Alaska seafood and a boost to this critical sector of our state economy.

“The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) is honored to partner with Alaska’s cruise lines, given our shared commitment to sustainable seafood and supporting local Alaska communities,” says ASMI Domestic Marketing Director, Megan Rider. “These partnerships provide the opportunity for the over a million domestic and international cruise passengers to not only enjoy and connect with what makes Alaska’s seafood so special while they are here, but also to inspire them to look for more sustainable products like Alaska seafood when they return home.”