Importance of Cruise Guests for Øvre-Eide Farm, near Bergen

Øvre-Eide Farm is a unique place nestled in historical surroundings not far from Bergen city centre. The farm is a family-run business with roots back to the 16th century and accommodates visitors from all over the world.

Small and large groups alike are welcome to visit the farm for a tour of the place, and a taste of the local cuisine. Guests are guided through the beautiful landscape and introduced to the farm’s friendly animals. The farm serves a selection of local, traditional Norwegian food.

A visit to the farm makes it possible to explore the scenic landscape on classic Norwegian breed horses; the Fjord Horse and the Dala Horse.

Sustainable transfers: a guided hike over the mountain from the city centre of Bergen to the farm is one popular option. Another option is transfer from the pier to the farm by electric buses.

“Cruise guests are of critical importance for our business and makes year-round workplaces possible.”
Owner, Arild Nydegger Øvre-Eide