Using Innovation to Connect Ports with Communities

Open Port - - opens the port of Taranto to the digital community to reveal the virtual edition of its Port Center and engage users in an unprecedented journey of discovery. The informative, educational, and immersive experience aims to open the port of Taranto to the city and to the national and international audiences, encouraging cultural exchange and creating a new way of using the port heritage.

The Open Port digital museum project, promoted by the Port Network Authority, will be located in the Falanto Port Services Center, which will host the newly created Exhibition Centre of the Port of Taranto, making it an international, cultural, educational and tourism hub.

“The Open Port website anticipates what will be further implemented in the physical location that will host the port-center. The goal is to create an educational, informative, and interactive hub open to citizens and above all to young people. It aims to become a real hub of immersive experiences, able to connect the port with the city of Taranto, the protagonist of an experiential journey which, thanks to an impressive virtual design, speaks to a wider network of users interested in approaching the port and the maritime world from a new, open and innovative perspective.” – Port Network Authority of the Ionian Sea President Prof. Sergio Prete