Impact of Cruise Tourism on the Hotel and Bed & Breakfast Trade in Civitavecchia

The Roma Cruise Terminal and Istituto Baccelli have an agreement which enables students at the Institute to take part in work experience at the terminal. The work experience, which also includes talks by terminal staff enables the students to appreciate what goes on in the terminals and quays. The students have also carried out research on the impact of the cruise sector on the local hospitality sector.

The research of the impact of cruise passengers on the Hotel and Bed & Breakfast (B&B) activity in Civitavecchia was conducted in December 2022. In Civitavecchia, there are 12 hotels and 78 B&B units of which around 70% have up to eight rooms. The majority of guests stay for one day and 96% learned about the hotel and/or B&B through the internet.

Most of the B&Bs have been operating for five to nine years, the period when cruise tourism started booming in Civitavecchia. In fact, 80% of the respondents attributed their decision to open a B&B and/or hotel to the presence of cruise passengers. Interestingly, around three-quarters are optimistic about the future.

“The cruise industry is the major resource of income for hotels and B&Bs around the Port of Civitavecchia” – John Portelli, General Manager, Roma Cruise Terminal