Electrification at the Port of Le Havre

For the major development project of maritime cruises, Le Havre has made ambitious choices regarding the environment and the impact of the future terminals on the territory, while controlling costs.

All the quays dedicated to maritime cruises will be electrified before the end of 2025 to enable ships to connect, thus allowing them to switch off their engines during stopovers.

The cruise terminals have been designed to welcome cruise passengers in environmentally friendly conditions. The new buildings will be energy positive, thanks to the addition of a large photovoltaic roof and very moderate operating conditions. The construction processes used will be low-carbon and a target of 10% transport of materials by river has been set to reduce the use of road transport.

“Our goal is clear: to welcome more cruise passengers while reducing pollution for Le Havre inhabitants, emission-free cruise ships calls, passive buildings, and areas closer to nature”
Edouard Philippe, Mayor of Le Havre