Balancing Economic Benefits with Social Sustainability

Bringing economic prosperity to the region is vital but doing business in a way that has a positive impact on the local quality of life is equally important. Costa Brava Cruise Ports aims to promote the region using social sustainability principles. It was formed by the port authority of Palamós and Roses, and is managed by the Ports of Catalonia, with the Costa Brava Girona Tourism Board, Roses Town Council and Palamós Town Council, and several regional Chambers of Commerce.

The above institutions held a roundtable to design a marketing strategy to attract cruise which would take into consideration the social and neighbourhood point of view. Costa Brava Cruise Ports embraces social sustainability values in its offer to the international cruise community because it cares about the quality of Palamós and Roses citizens while offering cruise visitors local and traditional experiences. Fishing villages, tradition and respect coexist together with cruise activities in the Costa Brava.

“Bringing cruise economic activity to residents in the Costa Brava region while preserving and enhancing the positive impact on its destination is the principal aim of Costa Brava Cruise Ports, connecting business and values together. Very satisfying.” – Maria Cano, Cruise Manager, Costa Brava Cruise Ports"