The Barcelona Magic Shop that is an Essential Stop for all Magicians on Board!

Located in the heart of Barcelona, El Rei de la Màgia, the oldest magic shop in the world, is a benchmark for magicians who work on board cruise ships that sail in the Mediterranean.

“They call into the shop to replace the materials that they use in their performances, and to look for new items for their shows,” explains Pau Martínez, its owner. In fact, it is common for them to call up in advance to reserve certain products and pick them up during the ship’s stopover.

The fame of the King of Magic shop goes beyond the professional world; it is also common to find cruise passengers, especially French, English, and American visitors, looking to purchase one of the thousands of products on sale in the shop. Beginners’ tricks are the star product for cruise passengers.

WATCH Pau Martínez talking about the connections between cruise and the magic shop