Promoting New Destinations to Support Diversification and Spread Tourism Benefits

As part of its commitment to sustainable tourism, Mifsud Brothers Limited has carried out an extensive case study to assess how to capitalize on Maltese land wisely.

Boiler Wharf reinterpreted imaginatively as Senglea Wharf, becomes the quay to the historic Three Cities, and southern region - the heartland of traditional Malta. Berthing here would be beneficial for local businesses, endorsing healthy tourism in Malta’s time-honoured villages. Promoting Senglea as a different berth location, will result in the dispersion of cruise passengers to less frequented areas whilst revealing a different, more authentic side of Malta. Framing Senglea with appropriate land programmes, and emphasizing local and sustainable tourism, could deservedly distinguish the southern area in its own right.

“I am convinced that Senglea could become a niche cruise destination in its own right if marketed in a way that appeals to guests who prefer the tranquility of this secret peninsula within the majestic Grand Harbour of Malta. It is also a welcome respite from the busier ports. Being somewhat secluded, it enhances the possibility of operating a more diverse collection of green tours appealing to a premium, luxury and expedition type clientele.”
Ivan Mifsud, Managing Director, Mifsud Brothers Limited