GE Power Conversion

GE Power Conversion’s energy-efficient solutions support the path to decarbonization without compromising performance.

GE is helping to make progress towards net zero operations for ship and port operators through cleaner power systems and digital energy management. At sea and on land, its electric microgrid systems can host integration of new energy sources and smarter digital and control technologies as they develop.

The high-performance electric propulsion and power networks are on the latest generation of energy-efficient ships. GE is innovating with new energy sources to provide a cleaner, safe, and comfortable experience for passengers and crew.

GE works with customers across their ports' electrification needs, whether helping to improve existing assets or to increase energy efficiency through energy management systems and microgrids, shore-to-ship connections and alternative clean energy supplies.

GE Power Conversion’s spokesperson, said: “Industry is investing in ‘clean ship’ and ‘clean port’ technology readiness, but it’s really important we work with customers on their operational needs if the path to net zero is to be viable.”